Georgia High School Holding First Ever Interracial Prom

CBS Atlanta 46

MACON, GA (WGXA/CNN/WALB)Students at Wilcox County High School in south Georgia share classrooms and sports fields, but they don’t share the same dances. Some students are aiming to change that. “We’re embarrassed, it’s embarrassing, yeah it’s kind of embarrassing,” said a group of students who want to change the policy. The group – Stephanie Sinnot, Mareshia Rucker, Quanesha Wallace and Keela Bloodworth – said they do everything together, except prom night. “We are all friends, that’s just kind of not right that we can’t go to prom together,” Sinnot said. In a world full of color, Wilcox County High School still sees things in black and white. White and black students have different prom and homecoming dances. “There’s a white prom and then we have our integrated prom,” said Bloodworth. If any race other than Caucasian tries to attend the white prom, Bloodworth said they “would probably have the police come out there and escort them off the premises.” That was the case just last year as a biracial student was turned away by police. It’s been that way for as long as anyone can remember, and it doesn’t stop at prom – homecoming is also segregated. While still having two separate dances, the school decided to elect only one pair for king and queen for the first time this school year, and one of the integrated prom organizing students, Wallace, won. “I felt like there had to be a change because for me to be a black person and the king to be a white person, I felt like, you know why can’t we come together,” Wallace asked.

Fuckin Georgia! Jiminy cricket. Still sticking to their guns on this whole segregation thing. Making everyone drinks from different water fountains acting like this whole “integration” thing is just a fad. Like its gonna blow over and they can just go back to blasting people with fire hoses and burning crosses and it won’t be a big deal. I wonder if they still teach Creationism in schools too. Maybe when the black kids vote for prom king and queen they only get 3/5ths of a vote. Its absolutely bananas that America is already about to conquer another huge Civil Rights battle with gayballs getting married and Georgia is still rockin out with segregation. Like a full 50 to 60 years behind the curve. Didn’t they see Remember The Titans??

Its so ridiculous that I kinda respect it. Its like white people and black people from Macon, Georgia are all in agreement they don’t like each other. Its like Civil Racism. Lets just agree to disagree and avoid each other. These fat girls seem to be the only ones who don’t like it. Hey fatsos if it ain’t broke don’t fix. Segregation for life.

PS – This guy is from Macon, GA too:

Makes a lot more sense now, right? Like if I was a black guy I wouldn’t wanna hang out with people like this either. Thanks for all your work, Dr. King. I know you had a Dream. But I’d rather just avoid the white hillbillies, thanks.

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