Friday Afternoon #MailTime – Zack and Kelly Sex Tape, 90s Mt. Rushmore, Super Bowl Tales, and More

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A lot comin at you this week on MailTime. 77 minutes about all sorts of shit. I detail the excruciating experience of registering for wedding gifts, a Zack Morris Kelly Kapowski sex tape. I give you my Mount Rushmore of 90s chicks as well as tell the tale of the time I flew to the Super Bowl a couple years back. Also we discuss that bitch from Baywatch who’s searching for Noah’s Ark. How fucking weird is that? I’ll never get sick of that story.

Grab some lunch and shut it down for the weekend. Its MailTime – the laziest hour (and 17 minutes) of your day.

Next week we’ll be coming to you live (re: pre-recorded) from Saloon. Our first ever episode on-location. I’ll also be hitting you with a premium episode that I’ve been trying to record for a little while now. Gonna be a big week with a lot of content for all you Cube Monkeys to slack off. But for now, you’ve got an 1+ hour of MailTime and yesterday’s episode of Stoolie Voicemails. In case you missed it, here’s the highlight from this week’s episode which may be the realest moment in KFC Radio history:

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