Florida Man Who Doused His Wife In Gasoline And Threatened To Light Her On Fire Was Just Joking

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Sun Sentinel – A Sunrise man told police he was only joking when he tried to ignite gasoline that he had “accidentally” spilled on his wife and her bed. Khemraj Samlall, 43, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. In court Monday before Broward Judge John “Jay” Hurley, Samlall’s wife cried and defended him as “a great guy” and good husband and father. “The court has no doubt that if that lighter would have sparked, you wouldn’t be here right now,” Hurley told her. Samlall and his wife argued early Sunday morning when he came home drunk after a night out with friends. She had told him he was a bad father for not spending time with their daughter, 9, and son, 14, according to Sunrise Police Officer Justin Bromberg’s report. Samlall, a maintenance worker, does not have a criminal record. He is accused of pointing two knives at his wife and threatening to kill her. The son saw his father get a red gas can from the backyard, bring it into the house and throw fuel on his mother, police said. Samlall denied pouring gasoline on his wife and the bed, and said the fuel spill was accidental. He only wanted to “scare her, so she would stop bothering” him, according to Bromberg’s report. Samlall told police he took a lighter from a pocket and tried to light the gasoline “as a joke” while winking at the boy, according to the police report.

LOL! ROFL! You got me good you sand baggin son of bitch! The old soak me in gasoline and almost light me on fire while pointing knives at me. How did I fall for that one? Thats the oldest trick in the book. Right up there with “Got Your Nose” and “You’ve Got Something On Your Shirt.” Its just like the Florida version of those classic pranks. A little more domestic violence and arson mixed in but basically the same idea.

I’ll tell you what though – mission accomplished. You think that chick is ever gonna bother Khemraj Samlall again? Doubt it. I’m a bad father? Well lets see how good of a mother you are after another kerosene bath. Bet she pipes down real quick.

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