First Grader Hits Free Throw To Give Entire School Day Off On Super Bowl Monday

This kid might as well call it a life. Its all downhill from here. The whole school is watching you, banking on you, relying on you. Putting their hopes and dreams of having Super Bowl Monday off in the palm of his little fucking hand. One of the worst days of the year erased of little Johnny can sink this free throw. And he steps up cool as a cucumber and drains that shit. At that moment, that kid felt like a motherfucking rock star. Real life superstars couldn’t compare to that kid for that brief second. Top dog of the whole fucking school. Earned a day off from school and hand jobs galore from his sister school. There’s no doubt in my mind that, at that moment, this kid felt cooler than I ever have in my entire life.

PS – No need to really “call it a life” because he probably was trampled to death in that 200 kid dog pile.

PPS – How about O’Doyle Rules here?

Kid might be my favorite person of all time.

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