Felicity Is Downright Filthy In Her New Show The Americans

I hope everyone caught the premiere of The Americans this week because if you didn’t you seriously missed out. I wish I had known how good it was gonna be because I wouldn’t have written that blog about The Following.  I would have saved my recommendation for this shit. Its the story of 2 KGB spies in America, married with kids, during the 1980s in Virginia when the shit is about to seriously hit the fan in the Cold War. The premiere was 90 minutes long and I honestly thought I was watching a movie. Its like the good old days of season 1 of Homeland except the romance plot of two spies faking a marriage for their mission is much more believable than a fucking terrorist and CIA agent falling in love. And there’s no Dana.

And if all that isn’t enough to pique your interest, the star of the show is Felicity Keri Russell and she is downright filthy these days. The opening scene is her in a blonde wig and lingerie blowing some guy but it got yanked from youtube as soon as I uploaded it. Willing to suck and fuck anything in the name of Mother Russia. If she’s gotta finger some guy in the ass to get some intel, then so be it – one prostate massage coming up. She’s ditched the curly fro that made her look like fucking Walter from the Go Daddy commercial and she’s kinda got this bad ass USSR slut vibe going on. Its just the icing on the cake for a show that shows a lot of promise.

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