Fan Duel Friday – Do The Exact Opposite Of What I Do At All Times

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 11.45.25 AM

Click here to make a lineup that is undoubtedly better than this

Jeremy Hefner coming off the All Star Break against Philly was not the play last week. Thought he was gonna keep riding that wave he had going but the KFC Mush struck again. It also looks like Ryan Braun’s last game of the season was not the smart play either. Just can’t have 3 negative performances and expect to crack the top 238.

So this week try to create a lineup thats the complete opposite of this and you’ll probably win money. Unless of course this is like a KFC Double Mush in which case you should pick the exact same lineup since I’m telling you not to pick this lineup. We could do this dance forever. Its your call.


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