Family Tries To Fit Couch In The Trunk Of The Tiniest Car Ever

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Because we’ve all been there before. You’re moving and you’re fuckingĀ determined to make it work. You’re on like hour 3 of packing up your old place and you realize you absolutely didn’t think something through. Either you didn’t measure a doorway or an elevator or you just assumed something would fit in your car and now the moment of truth is here and you’re fucked.

And rather than just rationally look at the situation and realize there’s nothing you can do, you refuse to give up. Like this couch here is about the same size as the entire car, but this guy is still like “lets take the cushions off!” like thats gonna make a difference. Turn it this way or spin it that way, then it will work! Just the epitome of stubborn because you refuse to believe that A) The couch was smarter than you, and B) you’re probably gonna have to rent a truck and keep moving shit tomorrow. Thats the real kick in the dick – the fact that you hoped to be done moving in one shot and now you realize your whole plan is fucked. The most important thing in life is doing stuff in One Trip, and realizing the One Trip dream is dead is the most demoralizing thing ever. Id rather sit there trying to jam a square peg in a round hole all day long than have to go back to the store to buy a square hole.

PS – I’m moving again on Friday. In honor of this event, as I do every time I need to move, I present the original blog where my friends tried to make a facebook group asking to help them move from Jersey to Brooklyn to Manhattan

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