Erectile Dysfunction Linked To Men Who Earn Less Than Their Wives

Emax Health – Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may want to dig a little deeper into what’s causing the problem before they reach for a pill. New findings show men who earn less money than their wives are more likely to take medication for ED. Disruption of traditional social norms could lead to trouble getting an erection, at least for some men. The finding, published in the Personality and Psychosocial Bulletin, looked at how a man’s sexual desire is tied to social and cultural norms. The authors write, “When women outearn their husbands, it challenges the traditional social norms of the man as economic provider and female income as supplemental.”

If having a rich wife makes you impotent, I will gladly be a limp dicked mimbo. I’ll sign for that shit right now. Ain’t no shame in that game! Granted I don’t find this correlation to be true. I could get hard just thinking about piles and piles of money coming in from my Sugar Mama. You can call me less of a man and pathetic and blah blah blah. Whatever. Bottom line is if I can just continue to live as a man-boy playing pretend on the internet all day every day because I got a woman who can pay my bills, I am fucking down. I’ll risk my boners for that in a heartbeat. Once you’re married you only use your boner once in a blue moon anyway.

The real story here is how much life sucks when you’re a woman. Seriously can you name one thing thats worse than being a chick? Chicks have all the hormonal and emotional problems. Their monthly physical problems. They have to get pregnant and give birth. They don’t have a funny bone in their body. Their lives are completely consumed by trying find a husband and then once they do they have to choose between being poor or having a husband who can’t get it up. Oh you wanna be rich? Your husband will never have sex with you. You wanna have a love life with your husband? Get in the kitchen. Woof. Some existence.

See thats why I consider myself such a catch. Despite all the rude jokes I make at the end of the day I will let my woman earn money and have sex with her. How selfless am I?

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