Dudes Stage A Strangle/Murder In An Elevator, Film How People React

Uhhh, I’ll take the fucking stairs. Thanks. My elevator etiquette is the fucking worst. I don’t hold the door for anyone. I don’t push the button for everyone. I hate the small talk. Particularly the “Elevator goodbye.”  You haven’t said a word the whole ride but as they get off they feel the need to say “Have a good day!” Yea, I guess you too! We didn’t say a word to each other but here’s a meaningless goodbye as I get off the elevator. Weirdo.

Anyway the point being that if I saw some dude getting strangled to death in the elevator I’d kindly wait for the next one. I don’t like getting involved in people’s ordinary elevator business, let alone their murder business. Plus you never know whos the good guy and the bad guy. What if they dude being strangled is a rapist and the guy choking him is the hero? Just too many variables to get involved. Let them work it out on their own and wait for the next elevator.

PS – My favorite is a toss up between the delivery men who want NO PART of being involved in that shit and the guy shooting them with the fire extinguisher.

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