Dude With 3 Nuts Does A Reddit AMA



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News.au – THERE was a man with two penises, a dude with no buttcrack and now there is a guy with three testicles. It seems Reddit is the place for people to reveal their body abnormalities. Yesterday, a teenager celebrated his passage into adult life by unveiling his hefty manhood on the popular online forum. The user, who goes under the screen name GardenofGandalf, posted a photo of his three testicles in celebration of his eighteenth birthday. “Just turned 18 and I’ve been waiting to show Reddit what it looks like to have three testicles,” he wrote, alongside a picture of the unusual trio. The condition is known as polyorchidism, a rare condition that affects less than 150 people, according to The Journal of Urology. The average age of detection is 17.It is cited as a congenital disorder, meaning the development of the extra testicle takes place before birth. In most cases, it remains undescended. But Gandalf has some competition on his hands; four testicles have been reported in at least six cases. While GardenofGandalf has not been quite as revealing as his fellow internet sensation, Double Dick Dude, he did answer some of the more pressing questions from users, including: MrCommentator: Do your balls get in the way a lot when you try to walk? GardenofGandalf: They kind of orient themselves in a way that doesn’t cause any problems. Cholozane: Do they get tangled up? GardenofGandalf: Honestly, kind of yes GardenofGandalf promised to answer more questions during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit today. We’ll keep you posted on the enlightening details.

Some guys turn 18 years old and they head to Montreal to drink and go to strip clubs. Some nerds out there turn 18 and can’t wait to vote. Some heroes out there braver than I am turn 18 and enlist in the military.

And some guys turn 18 and immediately post a picture of their ball bag filled up with 3 nuts and do a Reddit AMA. Just been itching for the clock to strike midnight so he can show his triplets on the internet. Juggling his set of balls for the world to see. You just gotta hope at some point Double Dick Dude, the Dude With No Butt Crack, and Dude With The Testicle Triplets all sit down for some sort of Freakshow Round Table. Maybe make a video for Efukt.com or some shit.

PS – Gotta feel for this guy thinking he’s the cock of the walk with his set of three balls only to find out there’s 6 guys out there with 4. Can you imagine having four fucking nuts? Thats like having a sack of fucking marbles hanging between your legs.

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