Dude Tries To Seduce Girl He Met In Starbucks With Instagram Video, Goes Viral As “StarbucksDrakeHands” Guy

Elite Daily The art of seduction, one documented by author Robert Greene, is not something to be taken lightly. If a revised version of “The Art of Seduction” were written, a new rule would most likely be: don’t send a video of yourself touching your face and listening to an emotional Drake song to a girl you just met at Starbucks. A hopeful and hopeless romantic unfortunately didn’t get the memo, and tried this shameless technique. In an attempt to woo a woman he met at Starbucks, the man, now forever known as “StarbucksDrakeHands Guy,” unfortunately had his poor attempt at seduction forwarded to the woman’s friend who subsequently uploaded it to Instagram. To StarbucksDrakeHands Guy, we’re sorry, but you may want to resort to another method. You can keep the hands, but at least bump some R. Kelly or something! The short video, for better or worse, has gone viral, and people of all walks of life are parodying it, as documented on the same Instagram page.

Hey assholes ever hear of the term “Dont hate the player, hate the game?” Yea well apparently the entire internet hasn’t when it comes to StarbucksDrakeHandsGuy. You see that guy’s flow? That Blue Steel sexy look? That coy smile with the brush of his hand across his head? I bet the chick he sent this too turned into a fucking puddle. Fire hydrant between her legs turning those panties into an ocean the minute she watched it. Go ahead and laugh it up, but this is the kind of shit that gets you laid. You guys keep hating while me and StarbucksDrakeHandsGuy have sex with literally every single woman who ever sets eyes on or Instagram videos.

Yes I whipped out the Roommate’s blow dryer to try and match that dude’s flow

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