Dude Pretends To Be Roger Federer In China

Asians are like an Army of Infants. Its like a giant, 1 billion person kindergarten class. You know what I mean? Like I think I could film a video of me walking around China playing the “I got your nose!” game with my thumb stuck between my two fingers and I’d have all of Shanghai in the palm of my hands. Pulling quarters out from behind their ears and shit. Maybe even do the pull-my-finger-off trick if I can remember how to hold my hands. No joke every time I go to do that I can’t remember where to put my fingers.

Anyway the point here is that Asians are dumb. At least when it comes to street smarts. They are like engineering wizards and can build skyscrapers that are like 500 stories high and robots that give you blow jobs but put a normal dude in a headband and glasses and they’ll let him scribble “Rog” all over their leather handbags like a bunch of morons. Quite the paradox.

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