Dude Chokes Wrong Guy After Finding Out His Girlfriend’s Cheating


NWF Daily NewsDeputies responded to a call Sunday evening at Eagle Bay Court in regards to a woman whose husband was choked by a man who had gone to the wrong address. The woman told officials she heard banging on her door around 11:10 p.m. When her husband opened the door, he was confronted by David Lord. She said Lord burst into their home and started choking her husband. A scuffle ensued and the man was able to get free. At that point, Lord repeatedly said to the man, “you are the wrong man” and then left the residence. The man was able to provide a description of Lord and the vehicle he left in. Lord was detained and later told deputies that he saw his girlfriend earlier in the evening with a man she was cheating on him with and went to her house to work things out. He then said he went to the wrong house, knocked on the wrong door and apologized and left. Lord was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and simple battery.

Relax, Jet Li. So your lady’s messing around behind your back. Big deal. No reason to snap over it and choke out the wong guy. If you ask me, a cheating girl is the perfect girl…as long as they’re not smashing dicks & pussies right in my face. If my chick had some side cock, that’d mean she’d actually have something else to do other than bother me. You don’t get free time if your woman doesn’t have a hobby, so I don’t care what that hobby is. And maybe the bitch levels would bottom out a bit for whenever we’re together if she actually took a legit pounding every now and then. Hell, she’d probably be less critical of my fuck game too if it wasn’t the only one she played. I mean as long as she wasn’t out reverse-cowgirling when dinner should’ve been ready, there’s no need to be kicking in random doors crushing strangers’ windpipes. Having your girl all to yourself ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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