Dude Arrested For Banging Inflatable Pool Rafts…Again…For The Third Time


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(WLW)A 32-year-old man is in trouble again for public indecency and police say this time, he was getting naked with an inflatable pink pool raft. Edwin Tobergta remains in the Butler County Jail after being arrested over the weekend. A neighbor called police on Sunday, saying he saw Tobergta engaging in sexual activity on the raft. Tobergta has been convicted several times for public indecency, including in 2002 when he was charged with having sex with a four-foot inflatable pumpkin set out for Halloween. Tobergta has repeatedly told officers and the court he has a problem and needs help, though it’s unclear if he has received treatment.

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HAMILTONA man convicted of public indecency two years ago for having sex with a pool toy is in trouble again. A grand jury on Wednesday indicted Edwin Tobergta on a charge of public indecency. According a police report, on June 15, Tobergta “stepped out of his back door, naked, and was having sexual relations with a rubber pool float.” “This occurred in front of several children who saw his genitals and his actions with the float,” the report states. In 2011, Tobergta was accused of having sex with a neighbor’s pool float. In 2002, a woman told police he did the same thing with an inflatable pumpkin in her yard. After Tobergta’s 2011 arrest, a family member said Tobergta has mental issues and needed help. It’s not known if he has undergone treatment.

Is there anybody else that has absolutely zero problem with Edwin fucking pool rafts? I honestly can’t think of anything less harmless than banging inflatable pumpkins or rafts. I mean I suppose if its your raft or your inflatable pumpkins, thats a drag. But in the grand scheme of stuff that sex offenders do, sticking your dick in a plastic blow up object is at the bottom of the danger spectrum. Fuck, I’d be lying to you if I didn’t consider getting out lotion and sticking my dick in a water wing or two when I was a teenager. And by teenager I mean 28 year old man.

Bottom line is, Edwin Tobergta has an addiction. Its an addiction that doesn’t harm others. Doesn’t involve children or defenseless women. He just wants to fuck stuff that gets blown up. I say lock him in a room inside his house with every inflatable pool toy you can find at Bel Aqua and let him have a day. Keep him away from the rest of us. Because like the old saying goes: fuck a pool raft once, shame on you…fuck a pool raft twice, shame on me…fuck a pool raft 3 times, maybe we should just let this guy fuck pool rafts because its getting pretty time consuming to keep arresting him and charging him with shit.

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