Drunk Penguins Fan Kicked Out Of The Islanders Game

You know how I know the Penguins are one of the most unlikeable franchises in all of sports? Because even I already hate them. As a new member of the Isles Bandwagon, after just 3 quick games I fucking hate their guts. I hate Crosby and his girly softball helmet. I hate the way the refs give them every call. I hate their whiny fan base that refuses to admit it. I hate the way the media rides their dick. And I hate this drunk as loser in the Iginla jersey who can’t handle his booze and literally needs his buddies to hold his hand. This series right here is good vs. evil. Its Rocky vs. Drago. Other than people from Pittsburgh, if you’re not on my Bandwagon you’re not an American.

On another note, this is my official apology to hockey fans who I ever argued with about this sport. Now, don’t misconstrue what I’m saying. I still hate the Hockey Hipsters. The Hockey Hipsters are still the guys who tell me “KFC what the fuck do you know about hockey? You’re just a bandwagon fan.” Uhh, yea bro. No kidding. I say how I’m on the Isles Bandwagon literally every single blog. And no, I obviously don’t know the Xs and Os of hockey. I’m not pretending to be Barry Melrose or Pierre Maguire or whoever the fuck else analyzes hockey. I just picked this team up earlier this season and watching them fight their way into the playoffs and watching them go toe-to-toe with the Penguins has been unreal. Yesterday’s game 3 was one of the most exciting sporting events I’ve ever watched. When I flipped over to the Knicks/Pacers game afterwards it was like going from a party to a funeral. The excitement level dropped like 500 notches. So yea, this is me eating my words. I’m all in with the Islanders and playoff hockey. Tuesday I’ll be at the Barn and I absolutely cannot wait.

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