Donald Trump Suing Bill Maher For $5 Million Because Maher Failed To Pay Up After Trump Proved He Wasn’t Born From An Orangutan

Politico- Donald Trump filed a lawsuit Monday in California against liberal comic Bill Maher, suing him for $5 million after Trump says Maher did not follow through on a $5 million public bet he made on “The Tonight Show.” “I don’t know whether this case will be won or lost, but I felt a major obligation to bring it on behalf of the charities,” Trump said in a public statement first obtained by POLITICO. Last month, Maher said on NBC to Jay Leno that he would pay $5 million to Trump’s charity of choice if he provided a birth certificate proving that he’s not “spawn of his mother having sex with orangutan.” It was similar to an offer Trump made to President Barack Obama during the presidential campaign season, in which Trump wanted Obama to release his college records. Trump’s statement continued: “Bill Maher made an unconditional offer while offer while on The Jay Leno Show and I, without hesitation, accepted his offer and provided him with the appropriate documentation. Prior demands for payment went ignored by Mr. Maher despite the fact that the beneficiaries of this suit will ultimately be the charities […] who would share equally the $5 million — something I am certain they can desperately use.” “He promised me $5 million for charity if I provided certain information,” Trump said Monday on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.” “Well I provided the information. He didn’t pay. So today I sue Bill Maher for $5 million for charity.” “[Maher] made me an offer. I accepted the offer immediately, and he didn’t come through with the $5 million,” Trump said on Fox News.

I mean when you’re right you’re right. Challenge was offered, challenge accepted, challenge completed. The Donald ain’t an orangutan. Where’s the 5 mill, Bill?

On a side note, you have gotta respect the fuck out of Trumps ability to continually keep himself in the news somehow. I mean whether you agree with Trumps views or Maher’s views, if you’re conservative or liberal, republican or democrat, you simply have to admire a guy who’s making headlines because he was able to prove his mother never fucked an orangutan. Thats impressive. That takes a special level of commitment as a fame-whore and an incredible lack of self respect and shame to do. The Donald just taking it to a whole ‘nother level.

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