Does This Look Like The Face Of An 18 Year Old Kid Convicted Of Putting Semen In A Bottle Breath Mint Drops?

SAGINAW, MI No judge will ever see Jordan T. Drake as a defendant in his or her courtroom again, his attorney says. If that proves true for the next 18 months, the former Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy student who put semen in a breath mint drop bottle and distributed it to students will have his record sealed. Saginaw County Circuit Judge Robert L. Kaczmarek on Monday, March 18, sentenced the 18-year-old Drake under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act. Drake was an “academic star” at SASA, said his attorney, Jeffrey Rupp, earning honor roll status at the school. Rupp said Drake has suffered enough penalty, including not being able to participate in his commencement ceremony and losing out on attending Michigan State University on a scholarship and interning at Dow Chemical Co. Drake has “sincerely learned from” the experience, Rupp said.Saginaw School District Campus Patrol Officer Eric Poole and Saginaw Police Officer Jeffrey Wenzell testified during the first part of Drake’s preliminary hearing in June that Drake admitted to putting semen in a bottle of “Ice Drops” breath mint drops. Poole testified that an assistant principal told him to speak with Drake after a student on May 15 reported “ingesting” something given to her by Drake. Drake said the act was intended as a prank, the officers testified. Rupp argued in October that the breath mint product did not fall under the Michigan statute’s definition of “food” and that Kaczmarek should dismiss the charge. The judgedenied the request. Saginaw School District spokeswoman Safiya Mosley has said Drake was suspended the day of the distribution. Drake had enough credits to graduate, Mosley said, and school officials decided that his punishment would be to not be able to participate in commencement activities.

You have gotta be absolutely fucking shitting me. Jordan Drake looks like we should talking about how much guaranteed money he should get in his prime NFL contract. Like did he commit the crime 15 years ago? He’s like the Danny Almonte of sex crimes. He looks like he should have about 10 children with 9 different women by now. Instead he’s just some high school kid running around jerking off into breath mint bottles? Actually the bastard children thing and the high school thing aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. But the point still stands. Guy has the looks and the name of a grown ass NFL superstar. Jordan Drake. Unreal. I bet he could jerk off directly on to people in school and nobody would say a word. Like a big monster black “O’Doyle Rules!”

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