Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Tried To Flee The Scene Of Her DUI Crash With No Pants In A Power Wheels Truck?

NYDN-A half-naked DUI suspect tried to flee the scene of a car crash in a child’s toy truck, police said. Jamie Craft, 28, was not wearing any pants when she hopped on board the battery-powered toy truck — which has a top speed of just 5 mph — to make her escape. Her attempted getaway came moments after she allegedly slammed herPontiac Grand Am into the side of a trailer home in Jonesboro, Ark., on Tuesday. Cops gave chase — on foot — and arrested her within minutes. KTLA reports she had a blood alcohol level of 0.217 — three times the legal limit in the state. Craft faces an array of charges including disorderly conduct and driving with a suspended license.

Let me ask you a question – of all the toys you could have as a kid, was a Power Wheels truck the number 1 pick? I say hands down, without a doubt, it is. You had to be rich and you had to be spoiled as fuck to have a power wheels. My parents bought me a Big Wheels and then a Huffy. Never had a Power Wheels at home. But my grandma and grandpa bought me this thing:

and it was absolutely the best toy I’ve ever gotten. Better than Nintendo 64. Better than the Nerf bow and arrow. Any sort of electrical Power Wheels toy is the best thing any kid can have. So if I was shitfaced running around with no pants and I saw a Power Wheels I’d hop on that thing too. Nostalgia like a motherfucker. Not too mention you’re gonna need some means of transportation to flee the scene of your DUI. Like Costanza cruising around town in his Rascal

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