Does This Look Like The Face Of A Spring Breaker Who Pissed On A Cop’s Sandwich?

Huff PoA spring breaker in Florida made good on his promise, “I will piss in your car!” when he urinated inside a patrol car and on a deputy’s lunch. Cops showed up shortly after Chris Brennan, 18, and two others were allegedly smashing bottles on a Fort Myers Beach resort at around 2 a.m. Monday, Fort Myers News-Press reported. A deputy threw Brennan in the back seat of a patrol car for “safety purposes” while he questioned the other two, according to a Lee County Sheriff’s Office report. The teenager responded by banging his head against the car’s window bars and threatening to pee. He then allegedly urinated through the car’s screen cage and onto the deputy’s personal items, including a cellphone, water bottles, and his lunch bag. The 18-year-old was arrested and charged with resisting an officer without violence. Brennan’s “I will piss in your car!” line rivals that of Dylan DiFalco, who last year peed in a cop car and allegedly said, “I told you I had to go, you stupid cop.”

Get em, Donkey Lips! Spring Break Woooo! No Parents!! Smashing bottles!! Pissing on cop’s sandwiches!! Wooo!!

I mean he gave him fair warning, right? Announced he was gonna piss in his car and the cop still put him in the car. Fuckin pigs – always so arrogant. Think because they carry a gun and a badge that their turkey with American cheese is safe from the piss of an 18 year old spring breaker. In my experience when a shitfaced 18 year old tells you “I will piss in your car!” he’s probably not bluffing. Whether you’re a cop or not.

On a side note I think I’m gonna use “pissed on my lunch” as a new euphemism for when somebody ruins something for me. “He really pissed on my lunch” “Just go ahead and piss on my sandwich.” I really love a good lunch. Enjoy a great sandwich. Pissing on it would genuinely upset me.

On a side note – if you’re going on spring break, rather than just breaking bottles and pissing on sandwiches, join us for the Fckin Foam Tour in Panama City Beach:

Panama City Beach – MARCH 11

Panama City Beach – MARCH 18

Panama City Beach – MARCH 25th 

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