Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Bit Off His Ex Girlfriend’s Toe?

Huff Po – Shoe salesman Daniel Anaya, 27, is accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s Santa Fe apartment and biting off the tip of her big toe, according to KOAT. The girlfriend told police that on February 3, Anaya broke into the home the couple used to share on February 3 and asked her if he could smell her feet. When she said no, Anaya allegedly slammed her against a wall, forcibly removed her shoes and socks and began biting her left big toe. He chomped down so hard that his teeth went through the nail bed and down to the bone, according to The New Mexican. The woman told officers she had broken up with Anaya in November because he had bitten her other big toe, KOAT reported. However, according to The New Mexican, it was the same toe. “It’s odd. Extremely odd,” Santa Fe Police Captain Aric Wheeler told KOAT. The alleged toe-biter was arrested Feb. 6 and charged with burglary, false imprisonment, interference with communications and aggravated battery against a household member.

Whats the old saying? Bite my toe off once, shame on you. Bite my toe off twice, shame on me? Yea, thats what we’re looking at here. Pop quiz hotshot: Your ex-boyfriend is clearly a shoe salesman foot fetishist. He’s bitten your toe before. He breaks into your house and asks to sniff your feet.  What do you do?

Just let that motherfucker sniff your toes! You know exactly whats gonna happen if you don’t. He’s gonna eat your fucking Big Piggy! Gonna chomp your big toe right off your fucking foot. Let the guy sniff your tootsies, rub one out, and get you and your feet a restraining order STAT.

On another note, how sweet of a gig is being a shoe salesmen when you’ve got a foot fetish? This Al Bundy motherfucker was probably as happy as a pig in shit. Smelling shoes and socks and tying laces and touches toes. Heaven on earth for a foot fetishist. Unless of course its a classic case of mixing business and pleasure. Kinda like a guy whos a gynecologist. Too much pussy business, not enough pussy pleasure. All the sudden you dread going to work and next thing you know you’re interested in dick. Something tells me that doesn’t apply here. Guy probably just works all day long with his boner tucked up in his pants.

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