Does This Look Like The Face Of A Long Island Man Who Stole An Ice Cream Cone From Carvel And Punched An Employee After Being Confronted?

Long Island PressHere’s one guy who allegedly did a lot more than scream for his ice cream. A 59-year-old man was arrested for robbing a $3.50 ice cream cone from the Carvel about a mile from his Valley Stream home on Wednesday morning, Nassau County police said. William Hotz walked into the store on Dutch Broadway, placed his order and then gave the clerk a coupon for “One Free Ice Cream Cone,” but the 55-year-old woman behind the counter told him it was expired and he had to pay, police said. Hotz turned around and walked out of the store exit without paying and then punched the victim several times in the face when she chased the suspect down and confronted him, police said. When officers arrived, the alleged ice-cream thief refused to be handcuffed, flailed his arms and twisted his body before eventually being taken into custody, police said.

What kind of fucking Ice Cream Shop employee starts up an altercation with a man like Bill Hotz? He’s a 55 year old man who walks into Carvel all alone with a fucking coupon for an ice cream cone. Thats perhaps the most psychopathic behavior I’ve ever heard. No grandkids in tow. Not picking up a cake for a party. Just a grown ass man who wants an ice cream cone and finds himself a coupon so he doesn’t have to pay the 3 bucks. I understand the coupon was expired and rules are rules. But you’re willing to chase after this guy and get your face beat in several times over an ice cream cone? I respect your dedication to the ice cream game but Jesus Christ, toots. Learn how to pick your battles. Probably best to let that guy walk out with a single scoop then get your face mashed over an expired coupon.

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