Does This Look Like The Face Of A Florida Mother Who Was Found Asleep In Her Car After Doing Whippets With Her 1 Year Old Because She Was “Tired And It Happens?”

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.30.56 AM


Tampa – A Bradenton mother was seen inhaling “whippets” and feel asleep at the wheel of her car Friday night while her 1-year-old was in the back seat, Sarasota police said. Jennifer Ann Lee, 29, faces a charge of child neglect after police said they removed about 20 “whippets” from her car. Whippets are small containers containing an inhalant such as nitrous oxide. According to an arrest report, a passer-by found Lee asleep in her car about 9:20 p.m. at University Parkway and North Tamiami Trail in Sarasota, and her son was asleep in the back seat. According to the report, the passer-by offered to drive Lee and her son out of the road, and Lee agreed. The car was driven about a block to a parking lot at 5150 N. Tamiami Trail, the report said. The passer-by called a friend to check on Lee and the child, and the friend call authorities. The friend told dispatchers Lee was doing “whippets” in front of him, according to the report. From outside Lee’s car, officers saw several small canisters in the car by Lee’s feet, the report said. When Lee got out of the car to speak with officers, another “whippet” was located in the driver’s seat, the report said. According to police, Lee admitted to falling asleep at the intersection, saying, “I was tired and it happens.”

I feel like even Florida degenerates know how fucking absurd Florida is when it comes to this kinda stuff. Like Jennifer Ann Lee here is probably genuinely shocked by the police response. Yea I was doing whippets. Yea my 1 year old was in the car with me. Yea I feel asleep. I was tired. It happens. This is Florida. Isn’t there someone out there murdering their boyfriend with an axe because he paid to much attention to another girl during a threesome that you should be chasing after? There are bigger fish to fry than a mom taking a whippet nap in the middle of an intersection.

Prioritize here, police. Its like looking the other way with people drinking alcohol in brown bags. If we’re gonna stop every mother in Florida doing whippets in the car with her kids, nobody is ever gonna be able to do any real police work.

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