Does This Look Like The Face Of A Father Who Tattooed “Daddy’s Girl” And A Gun On His 14 Year Old Daughters Wrist?

NYDN - A father who tattooed the words “Daddy’s Girl” and the logo of gun firm Browning onto his 14-year-old’s daughter’s wrist is facing abuse charges. Victor Shane Scroggins, 39, was arrested at his home in Richland County, California, after police were told he was illegally inking people there. Officers now want customers of the non-licensed tattoo artist to come forward and help them with their investigation, reports KVFS. Scroggins was charged with the tattooing of a minor, unlawful neglect of a child and not having a required certificate.

No doubt in my mind Victor Scroggins is a Stoolie. No, not because he lacks the moral compass to know whether or not branding his 14 year old daughter is acceptable. Because he’s undoubtedly heard the countless number of stories on Barstool regarding what goes on with teenage girls and boys these days. He knows that girls are giving head at the age of 5 these days. He knows that girls are giving birth at age 9. To be perfectly honest, he’s probably too late tatt’ing her up at age 14. She’s probably already had threesomes and shit. Anal by 12 and gangbangs by 14. Thats the world we live in these days. So I, for one, applaud Victor’s efforts. Daddy’s Girl and a gun is a nice little reminder for the fate that awaits any guy who’s about to try and round 2nd or 3rd base with your daughter.

If I have a daughter I’m tattooing “Guns Don’t Kill People, My Dad Kills People” across her fucking forehead. And if that doesn’t work “My Dad Is The Only One With The Key To The Chastity Belt” right after I put her in a fucking chastity belt. I just hope my daughters are ugly. Hopefully they get their daddy’s genes and then it shouldn’t be too big of a concern.

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