Doctors Say Busting A Nut Keeps Your Mind Sharper Than Doing Crossword Puzzles Or Sudoku

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Daily Mail - It gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘brainteaser’. Apparently orgasms give our brains a better workout than doing a crossword puzzle or a Sudoku. The sensation increases brain activity across the whole organ whereas a puzzle activates only relatively localised regions, claims neuroscientist Professor Barry Komisaruk. The academic, who published the first evidence of brain regions involved in orgasm in women almost a decade ago, also said the sensation can block out pain.  ‘At orgasm we see a tremendous increase in the blood flow [to the brain]. So my belief is it can’t be bad. It brings all the nutrients and oxygenation to the brain,’ he said. ‘Mental exercises increase brain activity but only in relatively localised regions. Orgasm activates the whole.’ The professor, who works at Rutgers University in New  Jersey, studied women in his laboratory at the university’s Department of Psychology. He measured the blood flow to their brains as they reached orgasm.  The 72-year-old researcher has been studying female arousal since the 1960s. He started his experiments on rats but moved on to women in the 1980s. But he still believes there is much to learn. ‘We know virtually nothing about pleasure,’ he said. ‘It’s important to understand how the brain produces it. ‘What parts of the brain produce such intense pleasure, and can we use that in some way? ‘What would that do to depression or anxiety or addiction or pain?’

Well this is clearly the only thing keeping my brain from melting into a pile of retarded mush. I mean my brain is probably the least stimulated brain on the planet these days. Basically the only thing I got is 30 minutes of Jeopardy like 4 or 5 days a week. Other than that my brain is like a big bowl of fucking spaghetti. Remember when you were a kid at Halloween parties and you reached into one of those orange pumpkins and it was filled with noodles and you were supposed to believe that your were feeling a human brain? Thats actually what my mind has become. I used to be able to memorize shit for tests and write papers and do mental math with the quickness. Now I’m lucky if I can

So if it weren’t for crackin stick I’d probably be a legit vegetable. Luckily for me and all you readers, I blast off a couple ropes a few times a day so my mind will stay sharp. I can’t find my keys? Let me fire up some Casting Couch. Oh thats right I left them in my pants pocket. Writing a top 10 blog and I can only come up with 7 things? Oh hello Naughty Allie Titty Fuck While On The Phone and the 3 other items on my top 10 list. You do Sudoku or a crossword puzzle at night to keep your mind sharp and I J.O. into the bathroom sink. Your technique may be a bit more intellectual and a lot less messy but at the end of the day we both have the same chance of getting Final Jeopardy right.

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