Doc Gooden Accused Of Making “Terroristic Threats” Against His Estranged Wife

TMZThe estranged wife of Dwight Gooden has been granted a temporary restraining order against the baseball legend after she had to call the police on him for making threats against her and her family … TMZ has learned. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Monique Gooden called the Bergen County Police Department in New Jersey on March 1. Monique claims Dwight made “terroristic threats,” specifically claiming he said, “All bets are off and I will hurt you and your family. You’ll see, just wait.” We’re told when police arrived, they called a family court judge who granted Monique a temporary restraining order on the spot after speaking to her on the phone. Dwight is currently living in the same home as Monique as the couple goes through their divorce, but the judge ordered Dwight to grab his belongings and leave … which he did. He was not arrested or taken into custody by police. The court order also strips Dwight of visitation of his two young children until the next court hearing … which is March 11. The judge will also decide at that time on whether to make the temporary restraining order a permanent one. He was also ordered to continue to make payments on the Range Rover and its insurance for his wife, and make child support payments from a previous court order. Monique filed for divorce back on November 20, 2012 after three years of marriage. Dwight was arrested back in 2005 for allegedly hitting Monique after she threw a phone at him

Doc Gooden is a lot of things. He’s a drug addict. A wife beater. He’s one of the saddest cases of wasted potential in sports history.  A back stabbing, Benedict Arnold Yankee. But he ain’t a terrorist. Thats just the hot buzz word they love to throw around in the post 9/11 world for anyone who does anything violent and illegal.

But just another black eye for that ’86 Mets franchise. When you take a look at some of the names on that team, you’re looking at a collection of some serious fucking failures. I mean other than Ron and Keith in the booth at SNY, it ain’t pretty. Doc’s a terrorist. Darryl is always one bump away from being an addict again. Len Dykstra is dead broke and in jail. Wally Backman is like a Little League manager going on violent rampages a couple times a season. Gary Carter, God rest his soul. Its really just not a fairytale ending for a lot of these guys. I guess Mook and Ho Jo have pretty normal lives. Davey Johnson is down in DC managing the best team in baseball. But that 86 team produced some of the worst/best stories in sports history.

I guess thats the price you pay. Greatest/most memorable championship team in sports history isn’t exactly the best recipe for nice, quiet retirement,


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