DeSean Jackson’s Punt Return Against The Giants Voted Greatest NFL Play…So What?

So yesterday, Mo recapped how DeSean Jackson’s walkoff punt return against the G-Men was voted “The Greatest Play In NFL History” by readers. Although he took it with a grain of salt, it seems some Eagles fans are pretty pumped. Some Giants fans, like this dude, seem pretty rattled:

Chill out, bro. What’s there to defend? First, it was voted on by READERS. Not anyone with any sort of legitimacy. The same Average Joe idiots who stuff the ballot box with sabotage & let Pablo Sandoval start an All-Star Game ahead of David Wright. It’s like judging the best basketball player by jersey sales (although Melo is obviously the best…bad example). Fact is, the play was absolutely devastating for Giants’ fans. There’s no disputing that. Helped keep Big Blue from the post-season while giving Philly the eventual NFC East tiebreaker. For the Eagles, it was an insane comeback on the road against a rival that was capped off in highlight-reel fashion. An amazing run, for sure. Was it really the greatest play ever though? EVER? Better than Tyree’s helmet catch with a minute left in a Super Bowl against the undefeated Pats? Of course not – but it doesn’t matter. Why should Giants fans care?

This couldn’t sum up the Philadelphia franchise any better. This is their peak. A reader-voted highlight championship. That’s all the Eagles are, really. The NFC Jets. A self-proclaimed “Dream Team” but irrelevant where it counts. Represented by an ex-con QB with all the talent in the world yet nothing to show for it besides a cool alias & herpes. A top-flight RB with a tiny dick, herpes¬†of his own¬†& no idea what it’s like to celebrate a post-season victory. And don’t forget the winner, DeSean Jackson. The guy who’s all flash, zero heart now has one more “Greatest Play” than playoff wins since his rookie year. It’s so fitting.

Congratulations, Philly. If you need tips on the celebratory parade, check with the Giants & how they’ve paraded around 2 of the last 6 Super Bowl trophies.

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