Crosby Back In The Lineup For Game 2


Alright. Here’s the game plan:

Fire the puck at Sidney Crosby’s face. Its tried and true. Three times in the past 2 years we put a puck in his mouth and every time he goes down like a box of rocks. Knowing Sidney he’ll probably be wearing a mask or a shield or something. Such a fucking pussy.

I’m just happy he’s back in. Last thing I wanna see is that same Penguins squad from game 1 come back out. I’ll take Sidney Crosby who hasn’t played in a month and has been drinking milkshakes with a broken jaw disrupting things. He’ll be tentative. He’ll be cautious. Just sick Matty Martin on him to rough him up a bit and fight your way back into this series after a game 1 blowout.

Plus we got the Stoolie mojo flowing now that everyone’s #beLIeve shirts are arriving



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