Couple Plant Razor Blades In Donuts And Then Eat Them Hoping To Sue Grocery Store

RAPERPolice say a couple who claimed they found razor blade pieces in the doughnuts they purchased, actually placed the razor blades in the pastries themselves before ingesting them. Furthermore, Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman, 39, and Michael Condor, 35, were arrested for investigation of aggravated assault after letting one of their co-workers bite into one of their doughnuts knowing that there were razor blade pieces inside, said Draper Police Sgt. Chad Carpenter. They were also arrested for investigation of filing a false police report. On Wednesday, police received a call from a couple who claimed they found a triangular piece of sharp metal in a doughnut purchased at a Smith’s Food and Drug store, located at 262 E. 12300 South. Smith’s immediately pulled that brand of doughnuts off their shelves as a precaution. Carpenter said as detectives investigated the incident, however, “things weren’t adding up.” Eventually two people were arrested when detectives determined the couple put the razor blades in the doughnuts themselves. The couple actually ingested fingernail- to thumbnail-sized pieces of broken razor blades, according to Carpenter. The woman who was the lone victim in the scenario felt the razor blade after biting into a doughnut but did not actually swallow it and was not injured, Carpenter said. Investigators believe Leazer-Hardman and Condor swallowed the razor blades “in order to gain a settlement from Smith’s.”

Bringing donuts to the office is a surefire way to gain friends. Out of all the stupid Cubicle Monkey gestures, bringing breakfast pastries is one that I actually condone and respect. Just like Dexter bringing a dozen donuts into the police station every morning in order to cover up being a mass murderer. You bring donuts to the office you can probably get away with absolutely anything. Even putting razor blades in the same fucking donuts you’re bringing. Like if I’m in this office I wouldn’t even be mad at this couple. A) I always respect a good get rich quick scheme and B) I love donuts so much if they ever brought another batch of them back to the office I’d roll the dice and give it a chance. 50/50 shot theres razor blades and glass in there, 50/50 shot they’re just standard delicious glazed. Thats a coin flip I’ll take every single morning of my life. Donut roulette. Sign me up.

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