Couple Addicted To Coffee Enemas, Drinks Coffee Through Their Assholes Up To 10 Times A Day

Daily Mail – Mike and Trina share a bizarre addiction to spending the majority of their days in the bathroom – preparing and administering coffee enemas. On the new season of TLC’s My Strange Addiction, the St Petersburg, Florida, couple are obsessed with injecting the liquid into their colons with a hose, to cleanse their lower intestines. ‘I love the way it makes me feel,’ Trina told ABC News. ‘It gives me a sense of euphoria.’ To perform the enemas, the couple heats up coffee on a stove, then they each take a 32-ounce bucket of it into the bathroom and deliver it to their lower intestines via a Vaseline-coated hose. The whole ritual takes five hours of planning and performing each day – which they are able to achieve, since they both work from home.  Mike, 45, and his wife are so addicted to their time-consuming lifestyle that they refuse to travel or leave their home for long periods of time. Trina even admits that she once did ‘nine or ten’ enemas in a single 24-hour period. Neither Trina nor Mike drink coffee, but they both have different preferences as to the kind they use. While Mike favours a fine espresso grind, Trina prefers it warm and thick, ‘because I feel like it’s not as messy and drippy.’  Coffee enemas can be tricky to execute, however. ‘I make a quick transition from the floor to the toilet seat,’ Mike explained. ‘It comes flying out like a torrent.’  The couple also confess that the ‘freaky part’ of their habit – administering the hose – requires a degree of relaxation. So Trina listens to music, watches TV and tweets while she performs her enemas. ‘I even play Sudoku,’ she said. ‘We can’t live with out them,’ said Trina.

Welp I’m just about ready to leave this earth. We’ve got Popes quitting and people drinking coffee through their assholes. Its hopeless for humanity.

Let me ask you a very important question – is Mike the most pussy whipped person on the face of the earth? Some guys change the way they dress once they get married. Some guys change the way they act once they get married. Mike got married and was like “My wife loves coffee enemas so I’m gonna stop drinking coffee through my mouth and start drinking it up my asshole.” Jesus fucking Christ dude. We all do wacky shit for pussy. You might change your diet to be more healthy. Cut back on your boozing. Maybe give up the drugs. But the day you start butt chugging Maxwells House and shitting out Folgers is the day you’ve officially crossed the line to being the most insanely whipped guy of all time. I don’t even understand how it works – you just fill up your butt for a little while and wait for the coffee to take affect and then shit it out? I guess when you think about it, thats what everyone does with coffee. We just fill up our stomachs with coffee through our mouths and wait for it to come rushing out like a torrent. Only difference is these two cut out the middle man stomach and just take it directly in and out of their ass. Aside from the anal penetration I guess it kinda makes sense.

PS – It is absolutely hilarious and borderline psychotic that these two pick different roasts of coffee to fill up their assholes. Do you guys take milk and sugar too? Just open up your asshole and pour a few packs of Splenda in there and some drops of Coffee Mate? Absolutely top 5 funniest things I’ve ever heard is people being picky about their coffee blend when they plan on giving themselves an enema with it.

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