Chick Using Her Mouth As Cereal Bowl Is Incredible

BOOM! Cocoa Puff Facial up in this bitch. We’re gettin real kinky with the milk fetish stuff here at the Stool today. Whats ridiculous is 1) I was completely taken aback by that eruption. I did NOT see that coming. Which is funny because really what other outcome is there in this situation? You’re waterboarding yourself with milk and cereal, of course you’re going to choke and vomit and explode that shit all over your face. And 2) This immediately turned sexual for me as soon as she was covered. I mean instantaneous. My brain was like “look at this wacky girl who is using her mouth as a cerea…FACIAL. MONSTER FACIAL. ITS EVEN IN HER HAIR. SEX.” From cereal to boner in 6 seconds.

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