Chick Suing NYPD After Police Officer Seized Her Phone And Forwarded All Of Her Naked Pics To Himself

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NYDN - A Long Island beauty says NYPD cops seized her iPhone and that one of them stole sexually explicit photos and videos meant for her boyfriend’s eyes only. Pamela, 27, of Deer Park, is poised to sue the city and the Police Department, accusing a cop of invading her privacy by forwarding the provocative images from her iPhone. The steamy images of her were sent to a personal cell phone that her lawyer said belongs to Officer Sean Christian. “It makes me sick,” she told the Daily News. “I don’t even want to think about what he’s done with them.”  Pamela’s nightmarish ordeal unfolded the night of Feb. 6 when five cops in a police van pulled over her Sentra in Ridgewood because it had no inspection sticker. The cops found prescription drugs in the car, so the officers, including Christian, hauled her and her pal to the stationhouse. When cops began grilling her about her whereabouts that night, She told them she was visiting a friend and had text messages to prove it. She gave one officer the security code to open her phone and pointed out the messages. Then police left the room, with the phone, while she was processed on misdemeanor drug charges.  “I knew they had my phone and I was bugging out,” she told The News. “I had a bad feeling.” She was held nearly three more hours at the stationhouse before her phone was returned and she was given a desk appearance ticket. She said Christian followed her to her car. “He was telling me I’m a beautiful girl and I need to stop hanging out with the wrong people,” she recalled.  She left and later pulled over to check her phone. “I saw this number and all the pictures and videos attached to it,” she said. She counted 20 nude photos and five sexy videos of her that had been forwarded to the phone number

Pam Cakes! I think I like your style girl. Riding around town with some happy pills, 20 naked pictures and videos at the ready to sext whoever at the drop of a hat. You got a little bit of a goldfish look to your face but overall I can work with what you’re puttin out there. Lets pop some painkillers and get down with some mutual masturbation to your private picture collection. Thoughts? Overall I got nothin bad to say about Pam. She seems like the kinda girl that likes to party.

Officer Christian on the other hand – bro what are you doing? How easy would it have been for you to delete those sent messages? Use your goddam head dude. First rule of creepin, man. Don’t leave a trail. You’re making us all look bad with that sort of sloppy work. Following a girl to her car and telling her shes beautiful and needs to stop hangin out with the wrong people mere seconds after stealing her private porn is cocky and I commend that sort of confidence, but you need to execute better.

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