Chick Finds Out She’s Pregnant And Gives Birth To Baby In The Same Day

MSNLast Friday, Linda Ackley gave birth to a healthy 10-pound girl. Not so remarkable. But Ackley learned she was pregnant the day she delivered her baby. Definitely remarkable. The Jackson, Mich., woman thought she couldn’t bear children after an infection and abdominal surgery two years ago. When she went to the hospital last week with a bloated abdomen, her doctor thought she might have a hernia — until a CT scan revealed she was pregnant, and an ultrasound showed she had carried the baby to term. An emergency C-section was performed, and a shocked and overjoyed Ackley, along with equally stunned and happy husband Mike, welcomed their “miracle baby,” Kimberly Kay.

Well thats just about the worst day I’ve ever heard in my life. At least for the dad it is. The wife/mom is probably all happy because its a miracle and she thought she’d never have a child and blah blah. The dad is probably like “fucccckkkkk.” Imagine at like 10 am you find out your wife is pregnant and by like 3pm you’ve already got the fucking kid? That’ll ruin your weekend plans. Thanks for the seriously express delivery, Mother Nature! You slut. Ordinarily Dads have like a year to brace for this shit. A few months trying to knock her up and then obviously 9 months of pregnancy where you slowly but surely accept that your life is coming to an end. Inch by inch, minute by minute, you learn to deal with the fact that all your money will be gone. All your sleep will be gone. All your fun, gone. Its like easing into a really hot jacuzzi. You get acclimated to the heat. Except in this case instead of ending up relaxing in a hottub you end up with a child who ruins your life.

But Mike Ackley here basically just did a belly flop off the high dive right into the hottub. And yes obviously I’m exaggerating a bit and I’m sure he’s happy to have a child but there legitimately has to be some part of him that is pissed off at his wife. Like I’m sure guys get mad at their wives if they forget to pay the cable bill, what if they forget to realize they’re 9 fucking months pregnant. Not even like it was a premature baby or something. Bitch had a full grown 10 pound baby inside her and just thought she had a stomach ache. Unreal.

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