Chick Brings Pony Inside McDonald’s After Being Refused Drive Thru Service On Horseback

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Telegraph - A female horse-rider who was refused service in the drive-through lane of a McDonald’s while in the saddle, subsequently led the animal inside, where it defecated on the floor. CCTV showed the woman and her daughter taking their pet into the restaurant after they were told they had to tie it up. But then customers in the restaurant looked on in astonishment as the animal “ended up doing his business on the floor.” The woman was issued with a fine after the incident at the branch on Bury New Road in Whitefield, Greater Manchester, last Saturday. Police were called to the scene. McDonald’s said the horse had caused “distress” to customers in the restaurant and insisted they could not serve the rider at the drive-through for “health and safety” reasons. A statement issued by Greater Manchester Police’s Whitefield Division read: “On Saturday, July 20, police from Whitefield received a call from McDonald’s on Fountain Place regarding a woman on horse using the drive thru. “The staff refused to serve the women due to company policy. The women then took the horse into the restaurant who ended up doing his business on the floor. “The sight and smell of this caused obvious distress and upset to customers trying to eat, as well as staff members. “Officers arrived at the location and woman was issued a Fixed Penalty notice for causing alarm & distress to other customers and staff.”

How much can you possibly care about the Drive Thru Rulebook that you’re gonna piss off a lunatic on horseback by refusing her service? You know what I mean? Like just close your eyes and pretend she’s in a car, give her a Big Mac and let her and Mr. Ed be on their way. I mean whats worse? You bend the rules and compromise the integrity of the McDonald’s Drive Thru for about 60 seconds – Or – a fucking Clydesdale walks through the doors and shits all over the fucking floor? I wonder which scenario is worse for Ronald McDonald and everyone in the place enjoying some scrumptious fast food? Drive thru Nazi could have just gotten off her metaphorical High Horse and served the chick take out on her actual horse and everyone walks away happy. Instead you’ve got a Shetland Pony dropping a huge dump right in everyone’s face. Well done.

Worst part about this story is just knowing the way horses take shits. Poop just fucking falls out of their butt as they walk around. They don’t squat or anything. Don’t even stop what they’re doing. Just shit raining from their asshole plopping all over the floor. Can’t think of anything worse than trying to enjoy a Large Number 1 and having a pony drop shit right in your eyeball. Smells so bad you can taste it on your tongue. Gross.

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