Charles Wang Officially Sells The Islanders

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Islanders fans have been waiting a long, LONG time for this day. I’ve been waiting LITERALLY like 14 months. In a weird way I kinda feel bad for Charles Wang. Dude had such a grand vision and literally nothing ever worked for him. I don’t think he was one of those scumbag owners like the Wilpons who gladly will stuff their pockets and trot out a mediocre product. He actually spent about 20 million a year to keep the team operating. But I think he was in way over his head and had some grand plan to turn this franchise and the Uniondale area into a hub of tourism and entertainment and that was never really realistic. There was no way the locals were ever going to fund that new stadium or The Lighthouse Project and now that that’s crystal clear he’s bailing. About 5 years too late, but better late than never. He’s admitted that if he could go back in time, knowing he was never gonna get the funding and the approval for his plans, he would have never bought them in the first place. Part of me says you can’t really blame him for all the futility under his regime. But then you take a look at the Yashin contracts and the DiPietro contracts and Garth Snow in general and ever really having faith in that dumb project anyway, and you realize he still was very instrumental in burying this team at the bottom for years upon years upon years.

Bottom line is he’s an old Asian dude owning a hockey team. In what world was that ever gonna work out?

So now you gotta imagine Garth Snow gets the boot somewhere between 10 and 15 seconds from right now. If he somehow survives this I’d be astounded. At the end of the day it should be new ownership, new management, and a new home in Brooklyn with a top 5 player and a solid young core around him. Its been a long, long time for Islanders fans to have this much hope but theres no reason to think this franchise won’t be turning it all around. The wheels are in motion, folks.

PS – Assuming this guy actually has actual, real life money

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