Cereal Madness

These guys at The Victory Formation created a field of 64 cereals. Great idea. The only better tournament in the history of made up March Madness tournaments was my Smokeshow Cartoon Bracket on For Sure Not.  I had to take screen shots of each region because the whole bracket wont fit on the Stool. But here is how it all plays out in my mind. Bear in mind, just like with the Barstool Blogger Bracket, I didn’t make the seeding. There was some controversy on that earlier in the week and there’s gonna be controversy with this one. Specifically Corn pops being a NINE seed. Thats absolutely insanity. Anyway here it is…

Final Four of (1) Cinnamon Toast Crunch, (9) Corn Pops (2) Lucky Charms and (1) Frosted Flakes. If Apple Jacks was in the Frosted Flakes region, I would have Apple Jacks in the Final Four. Also, the lower half of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch bracket is awful. Plain Cheerios with a 2 seed is crazy. Plain Cheerios sucks. Like eating tasteless pebbles or something. So I wasn’t thrilled with Cookie Crisp making it as far as it did. Those are just stale chocolate chip cookies. If you’re gonna eat that you might as well just have Chips Ahoy with milk for breakfast. But I really had no choice the way these guys seeded that region.

And in a clash of the titans, CTC defeats Lucky Charms in a long fought battle. Towards the end of the bowl, Lucky Charms ran out of marshmallows and you were left with just oats. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the champ.

PS – I don’t really like chocolately cereals. So I know a lot of people probably like Cocoa Puffs and shit but it just doesnt do it for me. I’ll take honey/sugary/sweet cereals over chocolate or peanut butter every day.

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