Broad Turns Getting Dumped By Husband For Not Being “Pretty Enough” Into A Book Deal


Daily MailA woman whose first marriage ended after her husband cheated and blamed it on her not being ‘pretty enough’ has channeled her heartbreak into a body acceptance movement – and a huge book deal. Jennifer Tress, 42, from Washington, DC, noticed that her husband was becoming distant and when she asked him why, he explained it was: ‘because you’re not pretty enough.’ She discovered that after less than two years of marriage, her husband was having an affair with a ‘blonde, big-breasted California girl’ interning at his company. But instead of focusing on the negative, Jennifer decided to set up a blog,, a platform for discussion about women’s self-esteem issues. The site became an internet sensation, and has since landed her a book deal. ‘I noticed I got a startling amount of web traffic from people who were Googling phrases like “how to be pretty when you’re not” or “am I pretty enough for anyone to love me?” However, Jennifer says that she has no ill-feelings towards her ex-husband, in spite of his cruel words. ‘It takes two people to break up a marriage, and the break up of that particular marriage is more complicated and nuanced than saying hurtful words. But yes, those words did hurt. Especially because they came from someone who was supposed to have my back.’ As well as penning a successful memoir, she’s touring U.S. college campuses to tell her story – and she’s finally found love again. ‘We’ve been married a few years now and couldn’t be happier.’

You mean to tell me this book hasn’t been written a bajillion times by now? I’m pretty sure statistics would show husbands “better-deal” their mediocre wives as frequently as African babies die of malaria. It’s not your fault though, Jennifer. Being “pretty enough” is relative to the competition, and you’re only “pretty enough” until someone hotter than you willingly wants to fuck your man. If this dude knew all along he could pull blonde interns with huge cans, he’d have never married you in the first place. It doesn’t make you any uglier – he just misjudged his ceiling. Whoops. At least he told you the truth. No disrespect to the First Lady, but if Melissa Marie wants to be the Second Lady after her steamy romp with Pres, I hope he shows the same level of respect. There’s a pair of “Help Me” eyes saying that’s not likely though.


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