Brian Williams Raps Regulate

Mo posted the Nuthin But A G Thang version yesterday, but today comes the Regulate version. Its pretty much a steadfast policy in my book that the Warren G Regulate version of anything is going to win out. Its probably my favorite song of all time. Top 3 favorite songs are 1) Regulate 2) Roundball Rock A.K.A NBA on NBC Theme and 3) Fried Green Onions from The Sandlot. If I could have any or all of those songs be the soundtrack to my life, I’d be infinitely cooler. Imagine if every time you walked into a room everyone heard “MOUNT UP!” or the beat dropped on Roundball Rock? You’d dominate life.

Anyway, so far so good with these Brian Williams rap songs but call me when they have him doing “My Neck, My Back” by Khia. Imagine B Will like “…LADIES…pop your…PUSSY…like this” all robot-like? Now that would be something.

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