Best of the Best GTA Week 4 Voting Now Open, With 2 New Challengers

We’re retiring our current champion from last week for 2 reasons. 1) She’s just not hot enough and 2) Apparently shes kind of loony tunes. And I’m basically like the Vince McMahon of this whole circus so I get to make the decisions. So the Best of the Best title now has a vacant belt. But there absolutely could not be a better showdown for the new champ. We were blessed with two of the best GTA candidates of all time this week, courtesy of Barstool New York and Barstool Chicago:

Challenger #1: 19 Year Old Australian model/instagram wonder Jess Green

Challenger #2 – Carl’s Jr Commercial Girl/model Emily Ratajkowski

Its an absolute sin these girls aren’t more famous than they are. Fat ass Kate Upton is running around ruling the world when there are chicks like these two with much better tits, better bodies, and prettier faces. At any rate, Jess Green may be the hottest chick on the planet. On top of a slamming body she’s got a gorgeous face. But just remember this is an ass vote. In which case I think my girl Emily takes the cake. I feel like me and Big Cat are like 2 dads cheering on their children or something. Both of us pulling hard for our girls to win. Its like they’re 2 pit bulls in a dog fight and we’re their owners. Except I want to have sex with them and I don’t wanna have sex with dogs.

At any rate, check out the full galleries I linked to in each challenger description to get a full feel for each girl and vote. Either way we got a new champion this afternoon

Vote 1 for Emily whatsherface Vote 10 for Jess Green

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