Best of the Best GTA Week 19 – Voting Now Open

Champion: Floppy


Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 11.52.11 AM


Challenger: Karina Jelinek


karina-jelinek-bikini-booty-in-miami-06-900x675 karina-jelinek-bikini-booty-in-miami-04-900x675 karina-jelinek-bikini-booty-in-miami-03-900x675 karina-jelinek-bikini-booty-in-miami-01-675x900 karina-jelinek-bikini-booty-in-miami-09-675x900  karina-jelinek-bikini-booty-in-miami-08-675x900

What a showdown of Argentina sluts! South American ass ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE. This is a straight up pick em. Coin flip ass challenge here. Close your eyes, throw a dart at the board, and whichever Argentinian ass you come up with, you and your soon-to-be-masturbated-with dick is a winner.

Lets vote

Vote 1 for Champion Argentinian Floppy, Vote 10 for Challenger Argentinian Karina Jelenik

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