Best of the Best GTA Voting Is Back! Voting Now Open

4 Time Champion Anastasia Ashley

Contender – Brazilian Porn Star┬áJessie Rogers

So GTA voting got put off last week because of the Waterown Manhunt. It just didn’t feel right voting on butts when people were putting their lives on the line. But we’re on the road to recovery now. One terrorist dead. Another in custody. Barstool and various other charities raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the victims. America can’t be stopped by two assholes with a pressure cooker. So we’re getting back to basics:

Judging chicks based on their asses.

If you need a refresher, Anastasia Ashley is a 4 time champ. Approaching Leanna Bartlett status. She’s trounced Bartlett, Suelyn Medieros, Sophie Turner, the Serbian Bombshell. Some serious greats of the ass game. Jessie Rogers is a porn star who is a sneaky Brazilian. You wouldn’t guess it by her face. She looks like Irish or something. But that ass. That ass is definitely Brazilian.

Lets vote. Because this is MFing America. And thats how we do things. Vote 1 for the Champ Anastasia Ashley vote 10 for the Contender Jessie Rogers.

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