Bart Scott Released

Free at last, Free at last! God Almighty we are free at last! Bart Scott is pretty much a perfect microcosm for the Jets woes these days. He was old, over paid, under performed, and talked too much. If you really wanna boil down the Jets, those are some of the main adjectives you’d use. Untalented is the clear cut number 1 these days.

Along with Scott they released Calvin Pace, Eric Smith and a couple other dudes adding up to like $25 million worth of cap relief. I think its the only time in history all these guys getting waived is a win-win for everyone involved. Its like when you’re in a really shitty relationship with a girl. Thats like playing for the Jets. And you’re trying to make it work and trying to fix things and make it all better. And then when you realize its a lost cause you’re trying to muster up the balls to break it off with her and out of nowhere she does it for you. Just sets everyone free from the clutches of this shitty situation. Thats what getting cut from this franchise is like.

But on a serious note, this is actually a positive move from the Jets this off season. Its Idzik’s first decisions really and I like where his head is at. Axing a bunch of under achieving dead weight and solving a major portion of the salary cap issue in a swift, smart series of cuts. The Revis situation is a disaster. He’s stuck with Sanchez and Holmes. Tebow is still lingering. But cleaning house anywhere else you possibly can with this roster is the right play. Just blow it up and start from scratch.

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