Barstool NYC Local Smokeshow of the Day – Bogdana

Introducing Bogdana from Jersey City. I feel like Bogdana is a name that can go one of two ways. Can be a real hassle for a girl growing up in Jersey with an exotic name like that. Or, you can be an absolute smoke and own it and it fits you perfectly. Bogdana here today is definitely the latter.

ATTENTION: Everyone’s new favorite blogger Beardo has requested to take over the smokeshow game from me. And after his first 3 posts, I’d say nobody on this site does smokes better than him. Email him with your nominations – send first and last names and a facebook profile link to [email protected] Or you can find him on twitter, @BeardoBarstool. Let Beardo do what he does best and bring you the hottest chicks on the internet.

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