Barstool NYC Comments of the Week

Comments of the week is back motherfuckers! Last week I took off because every single comment was about Neil so I just stopped reading all together. Of course all you commenters practically cried your eyes out that your precious little comments of the week feature wasn’t there on Friday afternoon. Well don’t worry nerds, its back.

Blog: Introducing the Worst Boob Job In the History of Boob Jobs. Commenter: MiamiStoolie – bitch got one big titty and one little titty so we called that bitch biggie smalls

Anytime you can pull a Dave Chappelle Time Haters out of your ass and its completely applicable, you’re making Comments of the Week

Best Weekly “I Hate My Wife” Comments – One of my favorite running themes of the comments section is how miserable guys with girlfriends and wives are. Every week theres a couple comments expressing how pathetic their lives are or how much they hate their relationship that just slay me. This week’s two “I Hate My Wife” comments:

BlogUncensored Pictures From Teen Mom’s Pornog. Commenter: Spencer547 – Can’t wait till my wife goes to sleep tonight and I can masterbate in the bathroom to these. 

Blog: Next Week Is “International Clitoris Week” To Raise Appreciation For The Clit. Commenter: Septic Butt – I’m going to but my wife’s clitoris some flowers today. Nah, fuck that noise.

Blog: Teen Mom Farrah Sells Her Sex Tape “Backdoor Teen Mom” For Almost $1 Million. Commenter: Gaystoolie – “And to think I regularly give up the backdoor for free. Who says it’s a man’s world?” And Gaystoolie makes his triumphant return to the comments section and his first ever appearance in comments of the week! Nobody is as gay as Gaystoolie. Nobody. He’s the first active Barstool commenter to come out of the closet and his comment here is a home run. Its absolutely nuts to think that gay dudes get fucked in the ass regularly for free.

BlogLaLa Responds To Jordan Crawford With A Weak Ass Tweet. 2 part comment – Set up comment: Commenter – birdie balls: “If you put an N in lala you get anal” Follow up comment of the week – Commenter: Lower Classmen: “@birdie balls, apparently there have been a lot of N’s in LaLa” 

We’re just gonna go ahead and assume that was a “-a” and not a hard R so that this isn’t too racist and still hysterical.

Other than that, it was just a bunch of complaints from you guys all week. You know the comments section is funnier if you guys make jokes and don’t cry about the functionality of Barstool right? “Clean it up.”

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