Barstool Blackout Smokeshow of the Day – Diana

Introducing Diana from Toms River, NJ. Nothin makes me happier but also more depressed than looking at smokes in bikinis at Vegas pool parties while we’re in the dead of winter. So bittersweet. On the one hand its like rubbing my face in the fact that its dark and cold and I’m fat and pale. On the other hand it reminds me that warm weather and smokes are coming back one day.

In the meantime, I’ll just have to survive on Blackouts and the Fckin Foam tour. Less that 2 months away from the triumphant return to New Jersey. The Blackout Tour…where amazing happens:

Fckin Foam Trenton – April 5th – Sun National Bank Center, Trenton NJ – CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS 

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