Barclays Center To Offer Separate Seating For Jews

BrooklynGame – There’s a first time for everything. With world-renowned Israeli violinist Itzhak Perlman set to take center stage at Barclays Center for a February 28th concert, The Huffington Post reports that the arena has crafted a plan to allow separate seating for the Jewish men and women who find it customary to do so. There will be a section of divided-aisle seating which will cost $50 per seat. The rest of the arena seating is open to anyone else. It is believed that this separation will be the first of its kind in all major sports and entertainment venues. Jewish Barclays Center majority owner and developer Bruce Ratner said that to his knowledge, the anticipated arrangement was a first. “Being in Brooklyn and being an arena that caters to such diversity, the opportunity to do things different than elsewhere is enormous,” Ratner told The Huffington Post. Ratner, who is Jewish and a fan of liturgical music, said marketing to the strictly observant is worth a try. He said he will soon discover whether the demographic is “too niched.” With the enormous Jewish population that calls Brooklyn home, the apparent seating arrangement that the arena plans to implement can only help future relations between Barclays Center and the large market of Jewish consumers.

Ahh, good old segregation. I don’t know why we don’t do segregation more often. Whats the big deal? Jews wanna be with each other. I don’t wanna be with them. Just give them their own section. Rope off half the arena give them their Kosher hot dogs, let them wear their funny hats and they can have a grand old Chosen time. Its not racist if everyone is happy in the end, right? Just divide the stadium into fours. One quarter Jews for all the orthodox maniacs. One quarter for black people where they can all jump out of their seats and run around when something exciting happens. One quarter Asian for when Jeremy Lin comes to town and then one quarter for just good old white folks who don’t like any of the other 3. You say segregation I say, well yea I say segregation too I just don’t think its so bad.

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