Asshole Urban Hipster Farmers Sick Of Farming Just Abandoning Chickens All Over The City

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NY Post – Raising chickens in backyard coops is all the rage with nostalgia-loving hipsters but apparently the facial hair obsessed faux farmers often don’t realize that raising hens is loud, labor intensive work because animal shelters are now inundated with hundreds of unwanted urban fowl. From California to New York, animal shelters are having a hard time coping with the hundreds of chickens being dropped off, sometimes dozens at a time, by bleary-eyed pet owners who might not have realized that chickens lay eggs for only two years but live for a decade or more.  The birds are among the 400-500 abandoned chickens that arrive each year with some suffering from malnourishment and disease. “They’re put on Craigslist all the time when they don’t lay any more,” said National Shelter Director Susie Coston, “They’re dumped all the time.” Mary Britton Clouse who runs Chicken Run Rescue in Minneapolis, Minn., notes that 50 birds were dropped off in 2001 while nearly 500 were dropped off last year alone. “It’s the stupid foodies,” said Britton Clouse, “We’re just sick to death of it.” “People don’t know what they’re doing,” Britton Clouse said. “And you’ve got this whole culture of people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing teaching every other idiot out there.”

How fucking perfect is this? Spoiled hipsters who wanna play Old McDonald in their Brooklyn apartment eventually lose interest in the whole idea of urban farming and just dump their fucking chickens on other people. Oh you mean being a farmer and raising animals in a goddam metropolis isn’t easy? You mean its impossible and pointless to house an entire coop of chickens in your 5 by 8 backyard? Who would have thought! Dickheads.

This is just hipsters in a nutshell. Probably spent their whole lives pointing and asking for things and their parents buy it for them. And they play with the new toy for like 5 minutes and when they’re sick of it they toss it aside. Daddy pays for their new Williamsburg apartment and makes sure there’s a backyard for a chicken coop and after about 30 seconds of “farming” they’re done with their hens and their roosters and dump em on the street. Stupid foodies.

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