Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer

I’ve watched this trailer about 50 times and every time that chick says she has lupus and Gob spits out his cherry I shriek with laughter. Ordinarily I’d be afraid that a TV show or movie with this much hype and anticipation can only end up disappointing me, but theres absolutely no chance that happens here. Do you know how many good ideas these writers have probably had over the past 6 or 7 years where they said “Ah fuck this woulda been perfect for AD?” 6 or 7 years of coming up with shit crammed into 15 episodes. Its gonna be unreal.

PS – The “I’m used to a car with some stairs” line is exactly what makes Arrested so amazing. Everything has a double meaning. Everything ties back to previous episodes. It seems like almost every single word of each script is chosen deliberately. Cannot wait for this.

Dont forget about Arrested Development Trivia. Resumes today at 2pm. Follow me on Twitter @KFCBarstool and watch out for the question at 2. Answer correctly followed by “@KFCBarstool #ADtrivia” and whoever answers the most between now and the May 26th premiere wins Barstool gear.

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