Apparently The NY Rangers Hate Their Fans


I don’t know how else you can explain losing 7 of 8 home games other than simply hating the crowd you’re playing in front of. Whether it’s their inability pull out nail-biters against the likes of LA & Boston, blowing a 3rd period lead to the rival Devils or simply getting smoked by Winnipeg & Washington, the Blueshirts have shown their fans every type of loss over the past month. The silver lining to their ridiculous opening road swing was the run of games they’re in the middle of at MSG. 11 of 12 on Broadway for a team that’s been one of the best at home over the past two seasons should be resulting in W’s. Instead, the Rangers continue to barely put up a fight as visitor after visitor walks out of the Garden with two points.

Shit’s gotta change. Someone’s gotta get pissed off and play like it. Despite being led by one of the grittiest, hard-working captains in the league, the Rangers passive play is embarrassing.┬áDon’t think calling up Asham was a meaningless move. I can guarantee you he’ll be throwing the body around & will be looking to throw some hands tonight too. Arron Asham isn’t the answer though. Then again, who is when it comes to playing with an edge? If the Garden faithful can’t get 3 straight salutes against the Preds, Jackets & Flames, maybe it’s time for Slats to start shopping for it.

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