Anastasia Ashley Absolutely Trounces Her Way To Her 3rd GTA Title

The voting was actually all fucked up today on Best of the Best but it wasn’t even necessary. The overwhelming response on twitter, the comments and email was Anastasia absolutely demolished Sophie Turner. I had no idea you guys hated Sophie Turner that much. I guess you’re sick of seeing her? Or I guess you’re really convinced her butt is fake? I dunno. Did not expect people to hate her that much. Her ass is legendary. As it stands now, Anastasia has beaten three ridiculous famous asses in a row. Shes the Ass Slayer.

A lot of you were calling for El Pres’ Thursday GTA, the Serbian Ass-terpiece. I didn’t actually even see that GTA, so thats my bad. She’s a definite contender. Had I seen that, I would have chose her over Sophie Turner. If there aren’t any asses next week that surpass that Serbian butt, she’ll be next Friday’s contender. The goal here is to crown the best ass, and I’m a man of the people. I give you guys what you want. If I screw up, I fix it. Thats how dedicated to the Ass Game I am. Although I’ll be honest, she ain’t losing to the Serbian chick either.



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