Absolutely Hilarious 1975 Masturbation PSA

Hey Ricky you give yourself the worst fucking handjob I’ve ever seen! No joke it would take me about 3 hours to cum if I beat off like that. Straight staring at the ceiling stroking it under a blanket. I mean look at this dude:

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 9.51.14 AM

you jerkin off or at a funeral dude! Look like a goddam vampire. The 21st Century, Internet Porn pervert in me got excited when Ricky’s mom walked in. Part of me was like “OK here we go. Time for one of those ‘Mom fucks her son’ Youjizz videos.” Like as far as I’m concerned it looked like she totally wanted to catch him in the act. She didn’t knock and turned the doorknob all slow. Crossing her fingers Ricky would be crackin stick. ┬áBut I guess not. Just churns out some weird apology like a robot of some sort.

By the way, this is a terrible PSA. There should absolutely be zero lines of communication between mother and son about masturbation. “Hey honey how was your day?” “Great mom! I shot a solid 6 roper this morning into my tube sock!” Quickest way to becoming a sexual deviant is making chit chat abotu hand-fucking yourself with your mother.

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